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Continuing Education (C.E.)

CE All About ADHD, Part 2: Spotlight on Special Groups - 1 Hour CE Credit

This is a Part 2 of a Limited 3-Part Series, "All About ADHD."

Part 1: What is ADHD?
Part 2: Spotlight on Special Groups (this course)
Part 3: Caregiving Tips for Clients with ADHD

In this part, we focus on three groups of people with ADHD and how symptoms can differ for each group. These populations include women with ADHD, seniors with ADHD, and ADHD with a co-existing condition. This course counts for 1 hour of CE credit.
  • Getting Started
  • Video: How to Navigate Your Class
  • More on Course Navigation
  • Learning Objectives
  • Table of Contents
  • Key Terms
  • Recap: What is ADHD?
  • Chapter 1: Women with ADHD
  • A. Do Women Really Get ADHD Though?
  • Video: Adult ADHD in Men Compared to ADHD in Women
  • B. Typical Diagnosed Age for Women
  • Video: Symptoms of ADHD in Women
  • C. So Why Is That?
  • Video: Amanda's Story - Getting an ADHD Diagnosis as an Adult
  • Audio: Chapter 1 Recap
  • Chapter 1 Checkpoint
  • Chapter 2: Seniors with ADHD
  • A. Can Seniors Have ADHD?
  • B. Why Are Some Seniors Just Now Getting Diagnosed?
  • C. Typical ADHD Symptoms in Senior Citizens
  • Video: Signs of Attention Deficit After 60
  • D. Managing Assumptions
  • E. Helping a Senior Client with ADHD
  • Audio: Chapter 2 Recap
  • Chapter 2 Checkpoint
  • Chapter 3: ADHD & Co-Occurring Conditions
  • A. Managing Multiple Conditions
  • B. What Comorbidities Are Typical with ADHD?
  • Video: Mental Illness Comorbidities - The Genetic Connection
  • C. ADHD & Autism
  • Video: ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
  • D. ADHD & Depression
  • Video: The ADHD and Depression Connection
  • E. ADHD & ODD
  • Audio: Chapter 3 Recap
  • Chapter 3 Checkpoint
  • Final Quiz - Must Pass with 80% or Higher
  • All Class Review
  • Final Quiz
  • Wrapping Things Up
  • References
  • After Course Survey
  • Did You Know
  • Next Steps
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever