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Continuing Education (C.E.)

2024 CE Parkinson's Disease 4 Credit

This 4-credit course will give the student an understanding of Parkinson's Disease. It will cover the definition of Parkinson's Disease, whether it is curable, who can get it, what typical symptoms look like, types of Parkinson's Disease, stages of the disease, standard treatment options, caregiver tips, and more.
The class will focus on the following:
• Define what Parkinson's disease is and explain the impact of dopamine on the person
with the disease.
• List at least four symptoms associated with Parkinson's.
• Describe the stages of Parkinson's disease.
• Explain types of treatment options and explain how they help the patient cope with
the disease.
• List three or more ways to help care for a person with Parkinson's and name at least
three assistive devices they can use to be more independent.
  • Getting Started
  • Video: How to Navigate Your Online Course
  • More on Course Navigation to Help you Complete the Class Successfully
  • Course Objectives
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: The Basics
  • Chapter One Objectives
  • What is Parkinson's Disease
  • How did the disease get its name
  • What Causes Parkinson's?
  • Interesting Statistics about Parkinson's
  • Let's Recap Chapter 1
  • Chapter One Quiz
  • Chapter 2: Diagnosis & Symptoms
  • Objectives for Chapter Two
  • Smell and your Brain
  • Ten Early Warning signs of Parkinson's Disease
  • What it means to a Patient to have a Parkinson's Diagnosis
  • Video: How a Clinical Diagnosis is Made
  • Symptom Overview
  • Stages of Parkinson's Disease
  • Understanding Hallucinations that come with later stages Parkinson's
  • A Link between ADHD and Parkinson's Disease
  • Chapter 2 Recap
  • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • CHAPTER 3: Treatment Options
  • Chapter Three Objectives
  • Is Parkinson's Disease Curable?
  • Video Explaining how Parkinson's Drugs Work in the Brain
  • Medicines for Motor Relief
  • A new Medication Adenosine
  • Other Medications for Parkinson's Disease
  • Medicines for Motor Symptoms
  • Other forms of Naturopathic Treatment
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Video on Deep Brain Stimulation
  • View the Process of Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Let's Recap Chapter 3
  • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • Chapter 4: Caregiver Tips
  • Chapter Four Objectives
  • General Principles for Cargiving
  • ADLs for the Client with Parkinson's Disease
  • Meals for the Client
  • Assistive Devices for Eating
  • Communication Skills
  • Keeping Active
  • Staying Active with Parkinson's Disease
  • Scenario Chapter Four
  • Let's recap Chapter Four
  • Chapter Four Quiz
  • Final Quiz - Must Pass with 80% or Higher
  • Final Test
  • Wrapping Things Up
  • After Course Survey
  • Did You Know?
  • Next Steps
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever